3: Now we’re cooking

Now we begin the most difficult part of the process… Nah I’m just kidding just plug your cooker in, put the pot (with the rice and appropriate amount of water), and press the “cook” bottom or flip the switch to “cook” depends on whatever type of rice cooker is being used.

Here's An Example of a Smaller Sized Rice Cooker With On Switch:

4: Now we have cooked rice

Once the rice is done cooking you’ll know because most rice cookers play a little jingle to indicate that it’s done cooking. Most likely when you first cook rice it may not be perfect , but like most anything in life just keep trying and once you get the hang of it it’ll be natural for you. So now that you've used a rice cooker why not try to use it to cook something else because rice cookers contary to their name are versitile

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